segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2011

«I always knew you were the best, The coolest girl I know, So prettier than all the rest, The star of my show; So many times I wished, You'd be the one for me, But never knew you'd get like this, Girl what you do to me?; You're who I'm thinking of, Girl you ain't my wonner up, And no matter what, You're always number one; My prize possession, one and only, Adore you, girl, I want you, The one I can't live without, That's you, that's you.
You're my precious little lady, The one that makes me crazy, Of all the girls I've ever known,
It's you, it's you»

se soubesses as saudades que eu tenho;
se soubesses a falta que me fazes.

se soubesses o quanto me apetece voltar a correr para os teus braços,
Amo-te acima de qualquer coisa T!

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